Symantec customer? Norton Anti-virus / pcAnywhere Source code shows up in India

By: | Published: | Stardate: 11201.27 |


Last week Symantec announced their source code for serval of their products including Norton Anti-virus was stolen. This of course allows anyone with the source to scan it for vulnerabilities.  It could possiably allow you to write a virus that the program couldn’t detect. I’ve always belived that Symantec focuses on to many products. Now it appears they couldn’t secure their own enviroments which in turn could affect millions of other environments.

It could be a good time to revisit your solution. Take a look at what verisons of pcAnywhere and Norton your running. Chances are that the newest realeases are not effected. If you are running a 2006 – 2008 releases it a good time to upgrade or switch. Symantec knew they where hacked according to Threat Level back in 2006 and did not disclose it. Offen your security is compleatly in the hands of companies like Microsoft and Symantec. The only way you know you have an issue is if they tell you. One has to question why they hid this from their customers.

One other thought… you might consider more Open Source solutions. Software that’s source code is public often has far fewer security flaws.

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