Sound the Alarm! New LifeLine Ambulance Website!

By: | Published: | Stardate: 11204.20 |

It’s pretty amazing to learn what an ambulance company entails.  When you pull to the right for sirens, you might wonder what happened to the person in the vehicle and if they will be ok. While working on this project, I had a chance to learn about the team helping the person in the ambulance and also the dispatchers.  The level of training and education that goes into this job is very impressive, and it’s great to know that you’re in good hands with LifeLine Ambulance.

LifeLine Ambulance delivers state-of-the-art medical transportation resources to healthcare facilities and hospitals in the Chicagoland area with a customized and personalized approach to the clients that we serve. Whether you are in need of ambulance transportation for your loved one in a non-urgent or urgent situation or you are a staff member of a Long Term Care facility or a hospital exploring ambulance transportation service options for your facility, you can feel confident in making  LifeLine Ambulance your choice for ambulance transportation services. 

We invite you to check out their new website and discover why LifeLine Ambulance provides the highest level of patient care and customer service.