Comcast to start charging for internet usage overages

By: | Published: | Stardate: 11205.22 |

According to Broadband Reports today Comcast will be testing two new approaches for charging users when exceeding the data usage cap.

Comcast today posted this statement to the company’s Comcast Voices blog. It states that the company will be moving towards “improved data management approaches.” This is a code term for, we are going to start charging overage fees, which have been long anticipated. 

It appears the company will be raising the national 250 GB cap to 300 GB which is good news. The bad news is they are going to start to charge for blocks of bandwidth in 50GB blocks most likely. It’s a growing trend as usage has grown and started to force ISP’s to expand infrastructural presence with no new revenue streams. This doesn’t really impact the common user.  Although studies are showing usage of the internet is growing immensely. One even suggests that the average user is now up to 34 GB per day across all of their devices. 

I fear the day when they start requiring you to register every device with them and forcing you to pay per MAC address. It’s at this point that they can track not just everything you do but who’s doing it on what device. Perhaps Comcast will want you to buy bandwidth for every device like the cell companies did with minutes. It is a scary thought.