Facebook Powerball Lotto Prank – Greatest in history?

By: | Published: | Stardate: 11212.04 |

Who didn’t hear about the Powerball drawing last week? Chances were you had a ticket and were waiting just like I was to find out I just became super rich. I had even started to think about what I’d spend it on and what I’d give away. I think I settled on giving half of it away.

Well like most of the world I was disappointed to find out I lost… Then some hope appeared on my Facebook feed. This guy, with his supposed winning ticket…

Was it for real? Was this the winner? Is he really giving away 1 million dollars? I started to really look at the photo. The font seemed a little wonky and the numbers didn’t look like they were in order. I search for his name and found this article right away that spoke to the problems with the post. I have to admit I lost count, I’d guess posted the link 40 times. I did all I could to slow the re posting of this rouse.

Once one of these things gets lose it’s hard to stop. What was once a chain letter taking months to touch 1000′s of people is now a FB post taking 24 hours to hit 1 million people.

My question is does he still have to pay? He said “Looks like I won’t be going to work EVER!!!! Share this photo and I will give a random person 1 million dollars!” – He never said “if he won”. If Nolan Daniels can fool 3 million people can’t 3 million people sue him for the million dollar chance he promised? The future of social media and how it’s seen in the eyes of such situations is going to be interesting. What do you think?

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