Our Story

Company founder and current C.E.O. Brian Schoen started Real Network Solutions, Inc (dba: Realnets) at the very beginning of the internet revolution. The 20+ years of consulting has brought our company into contact with practically every industry, technology and challenge out there. This has strengthened us in to a team of very capable, very creative, seasoned professional technologist.

The early days were humble, a small office in River Grove, IL had one focus. Build and host websites. The late 1990’s didn’t exactly rush to our cutting edge product line. For the most part our ability to convince people that the Yellow Pages had no future fell pretty flat. The company had to fall back on the team’s background. Network, server and POS systems.

The early days shaped Realnets. Hard work ethic, customer service and principled engagements that seek to provide a return on technology investments. Simply put – we learned to listen to our clients, learn their businesses, then consult – engineer – implement. The Realnets process started to take shape.

Today we depend on process more than ever. Perhaps your a manufacturer that runs three shifts a day, or highly regulated business like a bank or health care provider – the IT technologies of these very different businesses could be exactly alike. It is the business that defines the implementation. Questions on redundancy, reporting, audit trailing, backup, remote access amongst dozens of others make up the really important aspects of approach. The process to define policy, implement it, manage it and periodically measure its effectiveness is the most valued outcome of 20 years in the business.

Over the years the company expanded and built groups and products for DevOps, development, website design/marketing, hosting and data center co-location. In 2015 Realnets launched it’s Managed Services product line and expanded beyond the consulting realm. In 2016 the company split off the Web Design, Web Marketing and Hosting / Cloud services division and created the Britefish brand. In 2017 a DevOps group took form, servicing much our partnerships with AWS and Azure Cloud environments. In 2018 Realnets expanded again with the company’s 4th location move – making room for over 30 full time personnel. In 2019 the company unveiled its property management focused product “PropTech by Realnets”. A mixture of technologies, products and integrations focused on the MTU environments in urban settings.

The future for our industry does appear very busy in the years ahead. We hope to push our processes, achieve new efficiencies and to keep vetting new technologies for our clients. We have many goals – one of the most important is to keep listening. Our clients have taken us to almost every corner of America, most of Europe and all over Asia. Our clients have brought to us 1000’s of applications and unique hardware manufacturers. Our clients have asked us to help them comply with a dozen compliance standards. Our clients teach us, challenge us, ask the impossible of us. They have made us who we are and are grateful every day for the opportunity to service them.