Acquisition Support

Realnets has carried out due diligence procedures in a variety of acquisitions on behalf of our clients. When it comes to acquiring property assets and staying ahead of the curve, we are your trusted advisor. We review, pre and post-sale, the technology in play within buildings, corporate environments, manufacturers, and so much more.

Our process is to start by evaluating the mindset of the ownership from a policy standpoint, as we provide audits and specialists that will take on the challenging task of completely assessing the realistic workability and current state of your chosen investment and specific workspaces.

IT Acquisition Support Designed to Safeguard Your Assets

When acquiring real property assets, building inspections are almost always conducted as part of that process, but these inspections are only structural. They offer surface value insight. They don’t include assessments of things like a building’s technology.

This includes everything from a building’s inner wiring systems to the quality of on-site security systems – all things that your organization needs to know in order to fully understand the sort of expenses you may be looking at upon acquisition. You don’t want to be faced with unexpected costly upgrades and hardware replacement, but they may be necessary to not only adhere to modern requirements and regulations but to your and your customers’ specific needs and standards.

Our team knows modern technological demand and information security compliance inside and out, and we have the skills and best practices in place to support your organization’s interests and investments.

For each acquisition assessment, we develop a comprehensive, research-based strategy and deliver a full technology status and cost assessment report. These reports cover every detail, from the state of the building to power deliverability, Telco, wiring and fiber optics, networking capabilities, access to providers, access control, security cameras, historical building technology use, update and replacement requirements, and more. We provide you with a full layout of conversion costs, documentation, photographs, and beyond – all so that you know exactly what you’re getting without any frustrating and costly surprises.

Acquisition Support with Realnets

Here at Realnets, we are proud to be a resource to your business, now and well into the future. We are the experts you want on your side to provide acquisition support that safeguards your business and your assets.

Our unique blend of advanced acquisition support expertise and IT advisory experience, combined with our commitment to exceptional customer service, is absolutely unparalleled.
With our help, you will find yourself well informed of all dwelling and system inner-workings so that you can better position your negotiating power for acquisition. We will make sure that you know exactly what you are buying so that you may experience the best possible outcome.

Our commitment to our clients is simple – we will never stop working to deliver the best information and solutions possible for your organization’s specific needs. We’re always ready to help ensure that your goals are met with success by setting you up with modern, predictable, adaptive, and repeatable technologies, services, and solutions.