Introducing Local SEO Solutions!

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Realnets is introducing a new Local SEO Solution! Realnets will design web pages which target a specific service you provide for a given area (“Clothing Alterations in Schaumburg, Illinois, 60193”, for example). Because the focus is so specific, you appear to search engines as the absolute authority on that service for that area. This will boost your search engine rankings, increasing the chances you will appear to someone searching for your services in a given area. Think of this as advanced SEO. We can handle as many services or locations as you like!

What can local SEO do for your business? Over 60% of clicks on a search results page go to the top three spots on Google, with 57% of B2B marketers listing it as the biggest driver of lead generation. When you position your website at the top of a Google search, you’re effectively aiming a steady stream of potential clients right at your business

Interested in Local SEO Solutions from Realnets? Contact us today or call (773) 631-6851.

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