As a Realnets certified partner, we work to bring our customers Aruba enterprise networking and security solutions. They are revolutionizing the way businesses are able to connect and innovate in our digital age. Through their products, services, and solutions, securing IoT has never been easier, bringing you complete visibility and an exact account of all devices operating on your network.


The Benefits of Aruba Technology

We highly recommend Aruba tech to our customers because you get access to networking, security, and location services products, as well as vertical and technology solutions, support services, and the Airheads community. Some of the many benefits include:

  • Networking (WI-FI) – The future of Wi-Fi comes in the form of Aruba’s 802.11AX. Customers using this advanced networking get the highest-performing wireless for today’s most challenging use cases. Their sixth-generation Wi-Fi and smart innovations make IT easy for an enhanced user experience.
  • Networking (SD-WAN) – With SD-WAN for the cloud era, you get secure, simplified branch connectivity at scale. Aruba has simplified WAN routing to reduce costs. The system, managed by Aruba Central, gives you increased visibility and control over Internet traffic. It’s an ideal solution for distributed enterprises looking to integrate SD-WAN management within their existing infrastructures.
  • Switches – Aruba switches offer enterprise networks, data centers, and SMBs performance, security and operational simplicity. Your team doesn’t have to waste any more precious time consuming manual configurations and navigating complicated troubleshooting.
  • Product Wizard – No matter what product or solution your business needs, Aruba’s Product Wizard has you covered. In less than two minutes, they can help you find the right access points, switches, and network management solutions fit to help your business thrive. You simply answer a few questions, and their team will recommend the best wired, wireless, and management products for your unique enterprise.

Customers First

Realnets puts our customers first at all times. That is our belief, and that is also why we’re a proud partner of Aruba, as they too make it their mission to put the customer first. Together, we believe in relationships over transactions, where everything we do starts and ends with you.

When you work with Aruba and our Realnets team, you get access to experienced experts on the cutting edge of innovation. By providing a next-generation network that’s software-defined, secure, and optimized for mobile and IoT, we’re changing the rules of networking to create smarter digital experiences. That means that you, as the customer, get the best of both worlds. You get advanced technological solutions made easy, paired with unparalleled, satisfaction-guaranteed experiences.

The Realnets Partnership

It is our mission to foster a culture built on trust. We extend that to both the Realnets-consumer relationship as well as with our Realnets-partners relationships. With Aruba tech on your side and their commitment to global collaboration and communities, together we find the solutions to empower our customer base to be the driving force that shapes the future of networking.

We will pair your business with the right products, services, and solutions to ensure that your business takes advantage of the cloud, IoT, and growth in mobile, so that you can become a competitive force in your industry.