Audio/Visual Services

Yesterday, your audio-visual technology was proprietary and sat on platforms that had long-lasting relevance. In today’s world, you have audio and video residing on your IT platform’s wiring and switching. The standard of quality video technology is changing on an ever-increasing cycle. For businesses wishing to keep pace with these modern trends, the integration with your existing and future IT infrastructure has never been more demanding, especially in terms of staying relevant and remaining competitive.

Realnets has made it our goal to provide you with the latest technological evolutions, bringing you easy access to the most sophisticated audio visual systems and equipment on the market. From integrated systems in executive boardrooms to multi-tenant buildings, to outfitting sports bars, to the latest technology in display signage, we can help you do it all. Through our certified partnerships and our team’s extensive expertise, we will help create an audio-visual solution perfectly suited for your unique and specific needs while providing outstanding customer service and guidance so that your business can enjoy a seamless integration.

Conference Rooms & Office Spaces

Conference Room

If you’ve been searching for the optimal way to have your conference rooms and office spaces retrofitted with the latest audio-visual technologies, then Realnets is your answer. We are here to help you transform and update your space quickly and efficiently. We understand that these workspaces and their communication capabilities are vital to your operation, as they are the beating heart that keeps day to day business dealings in motion.

That’s why we are here to help you find the best products and create the best technology solutions for your specific environment and needs so that you and your team are able to work more effectively.

To make this happen, Realnets is here to make your conference room and office space audio-visual design and installation very easy by providing access to outstanding products and systems, along with accompanying service, to our certified partners, including:

  • WidgeTree – With industry-leading products spanning from networking and routers to office equipment, projectors, software, computers, and more, you can find all of your office product needs through WidgeTree.
  • Crestron – Intra-office conferencing and inter-office meetings have never been easier with Crestron’s workspace solutions. You will find all-in-one meeting solutions, packaged room solutions, unified communications, wireless presentation solutions, digital signage, collaboration tools, and more.
  • Zoom – Zoom brings you flawless video, clear audio and instant sharing capabilities, supporting online meetings, training and technical support, video webinars, including marketing events and town hall meetings, collaboration-enabled conference rooms, zoom phone systems, and business IM for cross-platform messaging and file sharing.
  • Polycom – Polycom satisfies the demand for visual collaboration within today’s increasingly dispersed workforces. They provide consistent turnkey solutions with simple, intuitive technology, reliable video collaboration systems, all-in-one IT solutions, and more.
  • Logitech – Logitech makes video conferencing easy with such elements as their state-of-the-art ConferenceCams and VC room solutions specially designed so that you can quickly dive in, and run a video conference meeting without the hassle or technical disruption.
  • Conference Room AV – With such systems as their table boxes, your conference room AV system will be set up with multiple AV connectivity and power options for all of your presentation needs.

AV Solutions for Multi-Tenant Buildings and Hotels


Realnets is a full-service multi-dwelling and business solutions integrator. With state-of-the-art technologies and systems from our certified partners, together, we work to deliver affordable end-to-end solutions fit for both your business’ and your residents’, guests’, or visitors’ specific needs for increased value to everyone’s overall experience. Our expert support services will prepare your property for the implementation and integration of your chosen products and strategies, as we offer apartment buildings, hotels, and other multi-unit properties wiring planning, consulting and project management (ATT Comcast RCN), closed circuit/in-house channel injection and management, as well as outfitting for party rooms, roof decks, and more.

As authorized resellers, with the goal of ensuring you see ultimate customer satisfaction, we work with such technologies as:

  • Samsung – Samsung’s hospitality TVs provide your guests with an in-room experience with that at-home comfort thanks to products like their SMART hotel TVs, which offer personalized content to budget-friendly standard hospitality TVs.
  • Mvix Signage – With these state-of-the-art flight information display systems, you’ll be able to take customer service to the next level, confidently providing vital information with convenience to your guests.
  • Mvix Widgets – Through these rideshare widgets, you’ll be able to display Lyft and Uber information on your digital signage for the convenient display of wait times, rates, and surges all from the comfort of your lobby and other common areas for ultimate customer satisfaction and added value to their experience with your business.
  • Mvix Signage – No longer will you have to struggle to keep traditional building directories attractive and updated with the latest information. Digital building directories now solve this dilemma by transforming drab lists of names and locations into sophisticated, colorful, and dynamic graphic presentations.

AV Solutions for Sports Bars


When a customer walks into a restaurant or sports bar, they’re looking for an overall enjoyable experience, and audio-visuals play a big role in that experience. So, make sure that you invest in this need, appropriately, and focus your commitment to ensuring your customers have the best possible video and sound systems so that they’ll keep coming back for more.

Realnets will help you create a superior customer experience. Our team of experts has extensive entertainment experience and knows exactly what it takes to keep crowds coming back day after day.

That’s why, as proud authorized resellers and installers, we bring you such technologies as:

  • SportsbarTV Systems – These systems make it easy for everyone in your establishment to enjoy what they want, when they want, with easy access and control, for both individual screens and your overall system, right at your fingertips.
  • SportsbarTV Matrix System – This popular system is an HDMI HD 1080p Video over Cat5 wiring system which includes an SB-Touch v2 Controller as well as all interconnect cables. The basic system is 8 sources to 16 TVs and can be scaled to any size by adding more receivers, source converters, or additional switches. Audio is delivered to each TV and can even be zoned.
  • SportsbarTV TV Walls – The multi-screen solutions available to establishments today are slick, stunning, and simple to operate. You can have several games playing at once or one big game stretched across a multitude of TVs.

Display Signage

Digital Signage

Leading businesses across every market make a point to invest in state-of-the-art display signage. The latest signage technologies can help do so much more than just bring you name recognition; they can help improve employee communications, welcome visitors and customers, and streamline operations to maximize efficiency in all ventures, from corporate offices to small businesses, with office digital signage.

Realnets is an authorized reseller and installer of such cutting-edge display signage technologies as:

  • Mvix Digital Signage – Mvix brings you content-rich digital signage with over 150 data integrations and content apps so that you can manage, update, and display dynamic content on digital signs, video walls, and kiosks conveniently and with ease.
  • BrightSign – BrightSign’s solid-state digital signage media players set new standards for both stand-alone and networked digital signage applications. Their cutting-edge solutions provide simplicity alongside superior video quality, reliability, affordability, and interactivity.
  • Samsung SMART Signage Platform – Samsung’s SSP is structured for complex applications. The platform is designed to help streamline deployment and manage content, remotely, across multiple displays and locations, all through an open and integrated player side media platform, from your basic signage needs to fully-interactive displays.
  • BannerVision – BannerVision brings you a complete, integrated, scalable digital content software platform. Their technologies go beyond traditional digital signage products and solutions, as they bring you a full-fledged digital content solution that’s compatible with over 5,000 display devices, from kiosks, to tablets, to touch screens, to live feeds, to fully interactive displays, to basic informative displays, and more.
  • LG Commercial Display – LG Commercial Display technology provides access to advanced, flexible commercial display devices and accessories. Their commercial display products function as integral components within their business solutions, from LCD monitors for digital signage network, to hospitality TVs for in-room entertainment solutions.

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Whatever your audio visual needs may be, Realnets has your solution. Our goal is to help take your business to the next level by ensuring that you stay modern and competitive. Through the systems and solutions brought to you by our certified partners, and as authorized resellers and installers of the industry’s cutting-edge technologies, we are here to help you create the perfect audio-visual solution for your needs.

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