Cloud-Based Backup and Disaster Recovery

Don’t let your data and applications in the physical, virtual, and cloud environments go unprotected. Protect your assets through cloud-based backup and disaster recovery. This simple protective measure is automated and secure, ensuring business continuity and rapid recovery of full applications, individual files, and even entire data centers.

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Realnets Cloud Backup & Recovery

Realnets cloud backup and disaster recovery services provide your business with endless advantages. Your business data, intellectual property, and financial transactions are some of your business’ most valuable assets that you simply can’t afford to lose. In fact, protecting this information is the most important responsibility of your IT team. And, that is why Realnets brings you backup systems and strategies through cloud computing that can protect your business from threats, failures, accidents, and everything in between so that your business can recover and continue to thrive, even after disaster strikes.

Realnets cloud backup for IT infrastructure is the base of your company’s disaster recovery plan. Many companies make the mistake of thinking that simple cloud backups are all they need to protect their information. This, however, isn’t enough. While cloud backups do provide a copy of your servers and data in a secure off-site location, it’s not enough to ensure the protection of all of your systems and data should disaster strike. Your business needs a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. This is the only way to ensure that you’re able to get your whole environment back up and running with minimal downtime.

What is a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Your disaster recovery plan must include detailed steps of how your team will quickly access cloud backups to get your business back up and running at full capacity, as fast as possible. Fortunately, Realnets can help you do just that with our comprehensive disaster recovery plan for your business’ IT infrastructure. Through the use of our cloud-based disaster recovery services and our team of experts on your side, your business will have access to an immediately responsive environment that facilitates rapid return of backups and replications instead of having to wait to download all backups before restoration, as is the case with “backup-only” approaches.

When you protect your information assets through our Realnets disaster recovery plans, your business gains protection through such benefits as:

  • Minimal downtime due to compromised servers and data loss
  • Access to a team of experienced experts to guide you through the recovery process in the event of a disaster
  • Averting the risk of a negative brand reputation and loss in customer confidence
  • Protection of your business’ reputation and customer trust

Realnets Has Your Back

At Realnets, our experience, expertise, and advanced technologies have taught us to change the way we think about data backup and recovery. Whereas many IT specialists might categorize the execution of backup and disaster recovery as two separate functions, we look at the two as complementary functions.

Our cloud-based backup captures data and records it as entire images that are pre-prepared to be restored completely or allow for rapid retrieval of individual files and directories through multiple recovery points and optional object storage, from any environment.

When your server fails or you’re faced with other unforeseen complications that put your business’ uptime at risk, Realnets backup and recovery solutions will protect you. We have the tools you need to keep business running no matter what happens. Your business success is contingent on the security of your data and the availability of business operations.

For that, you can trust Realnets to provide superior solutions so that you can carry on with what you do best, and leave the rest to us. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.