Realnets wants to help ensure that all of your displays work for you exactly as you envisioned. That’s why we’re a certified partner of BannerVision, a media platform and advertising network that gives customers the ability to take full control over all of their digital display needs, all from a single, user-friendly, centralized solution. Whether your goal is to inform, engage, or just interact with an audience, BannerVision’s cutting-edge technology and tools put control directly into your hands so that you can envision and implement new media solutions to propel your business to the next level.


A Complete Platform for All of Your Display Signage Needs

As a BannerVision partner, Realnets brings you a complete, integrated, scalable digital content software platform. These technologies go beyond your more traditional, simple digital signage products and solutions. BannerVision is the next step in your display evolution, bringing you a full-fledged digital content solution that’s compatible with over 5,000 display devices.

Whatever your need, from kiosks to tablets, to touch screens, to live feeds, to fully interactive displays, to basic informative displays, you will be able to do it all with BannerVision and Realnets on your side. Through our partnership, together, we will work directly with you to ensure that a solution is created just for your needs and one that will help you meet your overall business goals by bringing your organization to your captive audience in new and visually exciting ways.

BannerVision Benefits

BannerVision and Realnets provide powerful content management, delivery, and device monitoring solutions from a single platform making all of your display needs easy. More than just digital signage, our clients get a true digital content platform with the most sophisticated data-driven toolsets on the market. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, there are so many benefits to updating your display solutions. You get an easy setup that doesn’t require new TVs, computers, or large, complex pieces of hardware. We provide the software. You get our proven, expert technologies that allow you to deliver your content the way you envisioned it. Plus, you get solutions that allow you to combine your web and social media content, along with countless other content sources, on one platform using your digital devices and displays.

Customized, Dynamic Display Solutions

We proudly bring BannerVision tools and solutions to our clients because we know that, together, we can come up with a customized dynamic solution to fit almost any and every display need. These technologies are able to integrate into many data resources so that you’re able to automate content and respond to the digital world around you with ease. BannerVision solutions work for all sorts of businesses spanning many different industries and markets, including hospitality, property management, retail, transportation, education, and municipal.

Whether you’re in need of a straight-forward USP slide show replacement or a platform to tie all of your digital content solutions into one deployment mechanism, the team at Realnets will help you rethink how you can best use your existing content while providing the latest technology necessary to help keep your business competitive and looking toward the future.

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