Realnets is a proud certified installer of ButterflyMX intercom systems. This partnership allows us to provide your business with the latest technologies, retrofitting, and the migration support necessary to move your systems to the newest, smart, cloud-based intercom solution.

ButterflyMX offers the ultimate security, convenience, and affordable property access, all of which can be controlled right from your smartphone. With their technological solutions and our expert installation services, your property gets so much more than a traditional intercom system.

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Advanced Intercom Technology in the Palm of Your Hand

ButterflyMX is an easy-to-manage, cloud based intercom system. It is an incredibly efficient and cost effective solution that only requires three basic connections for quick installation.

One of the great advantages of the ButterflyMX system and why our team works with this technology is that it provides you, all of your tenants, property partners, and property assets with top notch security features that have never been seen before on the proptech market.

As an advanced security feature, this system takes a snapshot of every visitor who comes into your building and includes a date and time stamp on the picture. This allows building managers full coverage monitoring of their properties and its visitors, keeping you up to date on absolutely everything going on within your building as well as who is accessing it.

With the system’s advanced video intercom screens, visitors and tenants can easily call, search and find their point of contact within a given property in a matter of seconds. All it takes is a single click on a smartphone, and residents have the ability to receive video calls, text messages, access the front door, and manage their account all in the palm of their hand from any location, anytime. The ButterflyMX portal also allows building managers to send messages to all residents in a timely and convenient manner for increased communication which translates to overall satisfaction.

ButterflyMX Installation and Support Through Realnets

Realnets provides installation, repair, and troubleshooting for all ButterflyMX products. We are a certified installer of the ButterflyMX system because we enjoy providing our clients with not only the latest technologies but the most secure technologies, an aspect of the ButterflyMX brand that we fully support and always strive to uphold here at Realnets.

This system leaves both residents and building managers feeling safe and secure, while also providing reassurance that system oversight is in good hands. Our team will have the ability to address any requests in a matter of minutes by simply logging into the building’s online portal. This means that we can provide the requester – be it tenant or management personnel – with any information they may need to ensure their individual system is completely secure and functioning at full capacity.