Cloud Migration Services

Cloud migration is the process of transferring data in various forms from one location or multiple locations to a cloud-based storage solution. The process looks a little bit different for every organization, based on a variety of factors . This usually involves the migration of all of your data, including email, file server, applications, etc., from your on-site servers or other hosted environment, over to our Realnets data centers.

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Realnets & The Cloud Migration Process

Cloud migration is a highly technical process that requires expertise and careful planning. Migration involves our team working in conjunction with outside vendors, on-site staff, both IT and non-IT professionals, and other entities as necessary. We even collaborate with managed services providers or other cloud providers.

At Realnets, our goals for every cloud migration are simple. We aim to do our due diligence efficiently and upfront in order to meet and exceed client expectations. We work to minimize, if not entirely eliminate, downtime for our clients during the migration process, to make our experts available to you around the clock, and to build parallel cloud environments for your users to test before going live for ultimate satisfaction.

Cloud Migration

What Does the Migration Process Involve?

The cloud migration process with Realnets typically involves the following steps and elements:

  • Technical Assessment: Realnets will gather details about the internal network to provide accurate quotes, appropriately set expectations, and ask the necessary questions to avoid surprises further through the process.
  • Workflow Assessment: We examine and gather information regarding how your team does their work, how they interact with applications, print, scan, etc. for a thorough understanding of the day-to-day work habits and demands of the user.
  • Build: We provide and create servers for your environment.
  • Deploy Applications: After we build your cloud environment, we install software by means of installing files and documentation provided by you or by collaborating with application vendors.
  • Test: Next, we conduct a cloud environment test where a group of users play around with your environment conducting their day-to-day activities so that we can check for and resolve any unforeseen issues before going live.
  • Email Migration: We transfer all contacts, public folders, calendars, etc., copy and sync them with production data. This ensures that when the migration happens, you don’t lose any email so that your users have a seamless experience.
  • Data Migration: We find the best option for data migration based on your comfort level and live deadlines.
  • Verification & Training: We test the cloud environment with the current data to make sure it’s accessible from the client’s applications. This allows us to check that there are no issues with queries, reporting, launches, etc. Then we show you how to introduce users to their new cloud environment for a comfortable transition for all.
  • Launch: Going live with is an exciting undertaking. Our team of experts will help ensure that users adapt in no time so that you can enjoy the many benefits of more productivity in the cloud environment and working with our cloud migration services.

Allow Us to Design a Migration Strategy Tailored to Your Needs

When you make the choice to migrate your company’s data to a cloud-based solution, you shouldn’t take the process lightly. Allow our experts to design a strategy that is tailored to your company’s business objectives, application portfolio, budget, and long-term vision.

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