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The Cloud Defined

The word “cloud” is tossed around a lot these days. No matter what the service or storage need when it comes down to it our data lives on a server and storage solution. The redundancy, security and control of that data becomes the question when discussing cloud solutions. When moving to a cloud based platform, company’s often make decisions with limited or a incomplete understanding of the legal, cost and risk factors. Realnets aims to be your partner in filling in the picture. We are agnostic to the path you choose. We service clients on Amazon, Azure, Rack Space, Google and our own cloud environment, Britefish. We support in-house environments, co-location spaces and hybrid solutions.  We consult, your choose the best path.


Types Of Cloud Platforms

When discussing the cloud your usually talking about one of two things. A paid service such as Email / CMS / CRM / Quickbooks etc… These are solutions in which you have little control and or responsibility at the system level. They handle everything for you. The second type of cloud engagement; buying raw computing power and storage space and setting up your own services on those resources. A third class has been emerging, the hybrid solution. Examples of this: HP Storage units now allow you to expand the storage you have locally on to their cloud based storage. Another example: utilize a Amazon server but place your database on their RDS solution. This would be a deployment in both type one and type two.

Usually, companies can say their technology profile has both types of cloud service. For example they may have their Email hosted on Microsoft’s 365 platform but retain 5 dedicated servers in Amazon’s Virginia data center for their accounting platform.

The three giants in the industry, Amazon (AWS) Microsoft (Azure) and Google  (Google Cloud Platform) bring different options and pricing to the table. We can look at both your in-house and current cloud service profile when developing a strategy. We can guide you the right mixture of cloud solutions

Why Would I Move To The Cloud?

The factors in such a decision are vast. The chances are pretty limited that you want everything cloud based or nothing. Usually a mixture of approaches.  Major changes in strategy will apply depending on what kind of business you are running. Some considerations:

  • Capital expense of buying equipment vs the operating expense of paying monthly
  • Security and Redundancy factors
  • Legal ramifications
  • Compliance requirements
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Regional and International Scaling Considerations

Cloud bound? Migration help is here:

Realnets has provided assistance, project management, project engineering, deployment and full migration of all sizes of environment.  The smallest migrations usually are two person office environments from simple email to Microsoft or Google’s productivity suites. The largest migrations tend to be the movement of full stack web server environments. These projects often involve moving from local servers onsite to cloud environments.

The long term benefit outside consultancy can bring to the table often extends beyond the project of simply moving your services off self owned hardware. Environments like AWS RDS or Google Firebase bring functionality that you simply cannot provide in-house. Leveraging these solutions can save thousands of man hours and enable scaling not possible with out tens of thousands of dollars of investment.

Securing The Cloud:

Security of your environment in the cloud is a joint responsibility. Major cloud vendors provide security surrounding your environment. You are responsible for the security of your space, the same as on premise solutions. We liken it to a town-home in a complex. The homeowners association does the security of the complex but your still responsible for locking your own front door and arming your alarm system.

Realnets provides a host of security auditing, monitoring and protection solutions. Our team has implemented: virtual firewalls, Intrusion detection (IDS), Intrusion prevention (IPS), data loss prevention (DPL), centralized patch management



Realnets has worked with many platforms. Our work often involves migrations from one provider to another. Many of these are driven by compliance but some are purely cost. We are experienced in most platforms, here are some we work with often:


Software as a Service (SaaS):

Migration of products to the cloud make up the bulk of our engagements. Common occurrences include:

  • On-premise Microsoft Exchange Server to Office 365
  • POP3 hosted email migration to Google GSuite Gmail
  • Quickbooks migration to QBO
  • ACT! to Sales Force

Common SaaS applications:

  • Gsuite – Gmail / Google
  • Office 365 / Hosted Microsoft Exchange
  • Quickbooks Online (QBO)
  • Lastpass
  • Sales Force
  • Box
  • JIRA Atlassian
  • Slack
  • Zendesk
  • DocuSign
  • WebEx
  • Adobe
  • Evernote

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