Data Recovery

When your company’s digital assets have been lost, corrupted, damaged, or otherwise compromised, it can result in very serious consequences for the overall integrity of your operations. It can also be a very time-sensitive situation, which means you need a technology partner that will act quickly and in your best interests.

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Data Recovery That Keeps Your Business Going

We are living in an era wherein data security is of utmost importance, which means it’s equally essential that you have a data recovery plan in place (should a loss occur). Unfortunately, most small businesses today lack such a plan, and when you’re in such a critical situation, it’s hard to figure out where to turn. That’s where our team of experts comes in.

When it comes to data recovery, the outcome of the process is largely dependent upon the company you choose and the way you go about recovering what has been lost. At Realnets, we have a proven record for success in this space; we know the common pitfalls and will avoid them in order to preserve the integrity of your operations.

We understand that you want to get your lost data back as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to your day-to-day workflow. We share that goal with you.

A Realnets Data Recovery Case Study

Realnets was asked to provide data recovery from a 3rd party for a fortune 100 company. We specified what type of Synology NAS would need to be built for the transfer of the data in question, and our personnel went onsite to the data center housing the data in question. We provided a vendor for secure transport of the data back to a secure location, at which point we setup the NAS on network and partnered with in-house resources to get the data on to company SAN’s.

  • NAS – Implementation & repair – HP Lefthand and Storage Works / Synology / Dell
  • SAN – Implementation & repair – HP Storage Works / Dell / NetApp
  • Storage recovery – Raid 0 / Raid 5 / Raid 10 / Raid 6 – Standalone
  • Storage fabric expansion in to HP PAR3 / AWS S3 / Realnets Synology

Keeping Your Business Safe During the Recovery Process

When secure data falls into the wrong hands, terrible things can happen. So when yours has been lost or compromised, choose a team that understands the risk management portion of the data recovery process.

If your sensitive information is improperly handled, it could result in such issues as identity theft, unintended exposure of confidential files, media damage beyond repair, and so much more. What’s worse is when the recovery process is mismanaged and you find yourself with malicious content being installed right along with your restored data. At Realnets, we work hard and have meticulous controls in place that protect you from falling victim to these terrible scenarios.

Swift and Secure Data Recovery by Realnets

Whether your data has been lost due to natural disaster, employee misconduct, hardware failure, or something else, Realnets is the team to call for all of your data recovery needs. Our team will work tirelessly and with a singular focus on restoring your compromised data as quickly and safely as possible.

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