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Google’s Business Solution – What is it?


Google Apps for Work is now called  G Suite  It is a powerful solution that is more than just emails, spreadsheets, documents.  G Suite is a single, integrated work space backed by SOC3 compliant Google infrastructure. It will run your business information systems, email and office productivity applications.

What makes this the choice for my business?

What can we say, Google has really put a one of a kind solution out in the market place. Business has been conditioned to build servers, deploy and maintain software. The G-Suite solution removes all that. You just need to pay Google a low per-user monthly price to provide all your productivity needs.

The migration to Google’s cloud solution will eliminate VPN’s, access issues with the office and devices not having the same information. You can access your information and work on your PC, laptop, tablet and cell phone; anywhere. Everyone in your team can work together on the same information, in real-time, and your irreplaceable data is safe and automatically backed up to the Google cloud.


Why Realnets and not Google directly?

Simply put… you have no idea what you need and how to set it up. We don’t say that with the notion that you can’t answer the questions needed to get the solution you want from Google. We say it with the knowledge that your most likely to succeed knowing the questions…

  • What should your legal hold archival be set at?
  • What is the best type of licencing to given your user profiles?
  • How should user groups be created or migrated from a current file server?
  • What does your audit trail need to include?
  • Should you email footers include a disclaimer?

We will ask hundreds of questions and many of them have nothing to do with Google’s G-Suite. They are questions about your organizations compliance, security and scaling needs.  Together we can determining how to successfully implement the Google family of solutions for your business.


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