Hyperconvergence Infrastructure

Is Hyperconvergence Infrastructure the Right Choice for Your Business?

Hyperconvergence is a single-system IT framework that combines storage, computing, and networking. The main purpose of this framework is to increase scalability while reducing data center complexity.

Hyperconverged platforms include a hypervisor for virtualized computing and networking, as well as software-defined storage. They are taking companies to the next level by allowing multiple nodes to be clustered together to create groups of shared figures and storage resources, all designed for the user’s convenient consumption.

Thanks to its use of commodity hardware and a single-vendor support system, hyperconvergence is able to yield an infrastructure that’s designed to be more flexible and user-friendly, when it comes to management, than some of the more dated enterprise storage infrastructures.

The use of this system is ideal for industry leaders who are undertaking data center modernization projects. Hyperconvergence can provide expedience of public cloud infrastructure without giving up control of on-site hardware.

These platforms are revolutionary, and we are proud to be your resource for this and all other IT infrastructure solutions.

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What are the Benefits of Hyperconvergence Infrastructure?

One of the greatest benefits of hyperconvergence is that it adds deeper, more varied levels of abstraction, as well as automation. Compared to more traditional solutions, hyperconverged infrastructure delivers simplicity and flexibility. All aspects of the platform, including integrated storage systems, networking switches, and servers, are designed to be easily managed as a single system and across all occurrences of a hyperconverged infrastructure.

In contrast, converged infrastructure means that the computer, networking, and storage components are discrete and can be separated. A hyperconverged environment, on the other hand, means that the components can’t be separated. The software-defined elements are seamlessly integrated and implemented virtually into the hypervisor environment. Ultimately, this allows organizations to easily expand capacity by opening and expanding additional modules.

Users also have the benefit of built-in management capabilities which allow for easy use, and its software-defined storage promises to yield greater scalability and, perhaps most importantly to the overall modernization of your company, resource efficiency. All of this means that your company, regardless of size, can start small and cultivate resources as needed.

Hyperconvergence infrastructure also presents potential cost savings, especially in the areas of IT labor, space, data center power, and when it comes to licensing software, like disaster recovery tools.

Realnets is Your Premier Chicago Resource for Hyperconvergence Infrastructure

Realnets proudly provides and has the means to support hyperconvergence, as this modernized infrastructure continues to win over ventures to a system specifically designed to streamline the distribution of new workloads, optimize infrastructure costs, and ease overall management.

The upward trend of more and more business-critical applications currently deployed on three-tier IT infrastructure transitioning to hyperconverged infrastructure will only continue to grow as the demand to meet modernized systems, expectations, and workflow rises.

Hyperconverged infrastructure promises to deliver simplicity and flexibility, a goal that we here at Realnets share and aim to provide for you each and every day.