As an authorized installer of ButterflyMX intercom systems, Realnets can retrofit and migrate your system to the newest, smart, cloud-based intercom solution that provides secure, convenient, and affordable property access from the convenience of your smartphone.

ButterflyMX has even created custom mounts and trendy looking systems and accessories just for you that no one else on the market has to offer. With their solutions and our expert installation services, you get so much more than a traditional intercom system.

Realnets is Your Property Management IT Resource

With ButterflyMX intercom and package management systems along with our expert service, you will receive hundreds of integrations, a top-rated smartphone app that controls the entire system (as authorized per user), and a powerful property management dashboard, all designed to make property access at your building seamless and secure. Whether for your residential, commercial, or student housing property, and everything in between, together our mission is to pair you with the technology that you need for your specific situation with guaranteed satisfaction.

ButterflyMX has designed all of their features with you, the user, in mind. This means that residents, employees, and more can enjoy a seamless building entry experience. Property managers have the peace of mind of knowing that they have implemented added security measures to ensure both safety and convenience, and developers and property owners can eliminate the extra need and cost for building wiring and in-unit hardware, as these systems come wire-free.

Popular ButterflyMX Features

The market is consistently shifting toward prop-tech amenities and solutions. That’s why we bring you Butterflymx. Their smart intercom and package management solutions elevate traditional systems to a new level by not only providing a low upfront and ongoing cost to your business or residential property, but also ensuring that your property access experience is built for modern work and living.

With this in mind, together, Realnets installation and ButterflyMX solutions provide the following popular features and amenities to users:

  • Video Calling – Now, you can see exactly who is coming into your building with video calling. When accessed, users get a video call directly to their smartphone and can open the access door from anywhere in the world, anytime.
  • Virtual Keys – Whether you need to let in a service provider, your dog walker, a delivery, a guest, etc., you can create virtual keys and delivery PINs that allow for easy managed property access.
  • No Wiring – This modernized system means that no building wiring or in-unit hardware is necessary. The smart intercom only requires connection to power, the internet, and the initiation of the access strike.
  • Resident Management – With this modernized system, updating your resident directory has never been easier. You can add or remove residents, employees, technicians, etc. with just a single click. The system even connects to your PMS for automatic updates.
  • Audit Trail – For ultimate security, the system logs every door entry with a time and date stamped photo that’s stored for one year. Plus, each time a virtual key or delivery PIN is used, you will receive a notification.

Set Your Property Apart

If you’re looking to turn your property into one of the most technologically advanced buildings in your area, as your tenants, employees, etc. demand in this modern day and age, then it’s time to take your traditional systems to the next level to not only remain competitive but modernize to suit today’s on-the-go lifestyle. ButterflyMX systems and Realnets will help you meet current user standards and help you achieve your goal of creating a tech-forward building and space so that you can differentiate your property from the rest.