IT Contract Consulting

As a business owner, you understand the need for technology and the various service providers that keep your operations running smoothly. Those relationships can be tough to navigate, however.

Whether it’s signing a new contract with an internet provider, a third-party data security agency, or purchasing new computers for your business, you’re not the IT expert who understands the ins and outs of IT negotiations. With Realnets on your side, you no longer have to risk making a bad investment without the appropriate expertise.

Realnets is your go-to resource in this arena, and we will make sure that you get the most favorable outcome from the IT contracts that are so vital to your business. We’ll operate as third-party negotiators to make sure that your organization isn’t getting taken advantage of and that you are getting the most bang for your buck.

Realnets IT Contract Consulting Services

As IT contract consultants, we provide many services needed to maintain viable, cost-effective contracts with all of your providers to keep your business operating to its fullest.

Our expertise and services include:

  • Providing ongoing administrative management of your IT contracts, from preparation to submission to modification negotiation if and whenever necessary.
  • Periodically reviewing your organization’s contractual obligations to ensure that attention is given to such administrative requirements as order tracking system maintenance, quarterly reports, collection, reporting and submission of any and all fees, price reduction considerations, and price adjustments that fall in line with economic and industry shifts.
  • Preparing and submitting any additional contracts, amendments, or extensions that you wish to add onto existing services and agreements.
  • Providing advice and assistance in the event of organization reviews and/or audits.
    Advising your personnel on effective use and guidelines of your IT service contracts.
  • Providing guidance in monitoring policy and regulation changes that could potentially affect the terms of your contract agreements and the related needs of your organization.
  • Providing assistance and advice on how to leverage your existing contracts to secure and appease existing and future business that could benefit under your contract protections.
  • Maximizing your potential through positive negotiation of contracts to solidify your ability to conduct business without red tape or delay of service to secure you as an industry-leading organization.

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With Realnets’ vast experience and our proven track record of successfully negotiating and securing IT contracting bids, proposals and effective tech-related services, your company can concentrate on executing your day-to-day operations to the fullest.

Take back the time you once spent tackling the obstacles involved in the negotiating and bidding processes. Leave the contract procurement process to us, and we will take care of all of your needs, from initial contact to the day that all parties have signed on the dotted line, awarding you the most cost-effective contracts you need to successfully cover all of your bases and run your business.

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