IT Policy Creation and Consulting

We are the Preferred Resource for Information Technology Policy Formulation and Implementation in the Workplace.

There is no question that in today’s fast-paced business environments, technology and productivity go hand in hand. The two are inseparable. To some degree, all companies rely on the use of computers, the internet, email, and a variety of applications to keep their operations going on a day-to-day basis. What many of them are lacking, however, is a clear understanding of the expectations and requirements that come along with the use of such technologies.

As a matter of risk management and for the purpose safeguarding your company’s reputation and bottom line, it is vital for your organization to be able to protect itself by establishing clear policies that govern such practices as data security, personal internet and email use, software and hardware inventory, data retention and more.

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Sound IT Policies Ensure Lasting Security and Productivity of Your Business

When you consult with Realnets and our team of experts, we work directly with your organization to construct and implement solid, thorough IT policies that will help you stay on target and thrive.

During our consultations, we’ll work together to create an IT policy that is tailored to your unique needs, which will often address the following key areas:

  • IT Organization & Implementation – This includes laying out the chain of procedures that determine how technology problems and needs will be addressed. Procedures will include guidelines on who is responsible for employee technical support, as well as how technology can and will be used to increase the value of current business practice
  • Network Setup – This area of an organizational IT policy includes the establishment of procedures and information regarding maintenance and monitoring of the network, as well as how your network is set up (e.g. network infrastructure, topologies, etc.).
  • Use of Technology – This topic includes procedures for the use of telephones, computers, internet, email and all other aspects of company technology, as well as the establishment of what will happen in the event of misuse of these technologies.
  • IT Security – This includes section procedures for levels of access to the network, passwords, virus protection, data usage, confidentiality, and more. A company’s security needs vary significantly from one business to the next, so this part of your policy should be meticulously planned to meet the demands of your specific industry.
  • Backup & Disaster Retrieval – This includes implementation of procedures for data backup (both on and off-site), as well as emergency retrieval of vital data in the event of a disaster.
  • IT Monitoring & Inventory – This includes establishing procedures to monitor software and hardware inventories, including all license and copyright compliance, as well as guidelines to ensure inventory levels are maintained to meet the needs of day-to-day operations.
  • Quality of Technology – This includes procedures to determine technology standards, including the best software, hardware, and other systems to implement within the organization that will help meet both needs and overall goals.

Understand the Benefits of Hiring an IT Policy Consultant

When you partner with Realnets, we work with your organization to develop and implement IT policies, as well as offer our expertise and assistance to help you reformulate existing business policies as needed.

Realnets can also help you with an IT audit of your current policies to ensure that they’re meeting all of your needs and setting you up to meet your overall goals.

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