Your company already uses Google Apps for Work to collaborate and communicate effectively. You’re also saving money compared to traditional, legacy, on-premise technology. Now, you have a great opportunity to upgrade to Google Apps Unlimited and gain access to:

  1. Enhanced security and data protections
  2. Archiving & Retention to reduce risk and hassles
  3. Unlimited storage

To help keep your company’s data secure, Google Apps Unlimited includes these enhanced security features:

  • Sharing settings by Organizational Unit (OU) – reduces risk by limiting who can share files externally, also limits who can use the client to sync content to their local machine.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Gmail – helps prevent sensitive, confidential or protected data from leaving the organization by intercepting it before it happens. This can help reduce the chance of a data breach or compliance violation.
  • Google Drive audit reports, alerts and APIs – give you visibility into what’s shared outside your company, monitoring and pro-active alerts for events, such as when an admin changes their password.

Google Apps Vault can also help recover files that employees accidentally delete, reducing hassles for the end users.


Businesses in any industry (not just regulated ones) can face the prospect of a lawsuit, audit or investigation. These are often costly and time consuming. Good information management policies help you be prepared and reduce the impact and cost to your company. Google Apps Vault is an information management add-on for Apps that includes archiving and retention capabilities to help you manage your data and be ready for litigation, audits or investigations:

  • Policy-based, automated retention/deletion of email/chat
  • Preservation & legal hold of email/chat
  • Search and export of email/chat & documents for review

Google Apps Unlimited also includes unlimited storage so you can safely and securely store all your company’s data.


Enhanced security to protect your company’s data


Reduce the risk of data loss or data breach with Gmail Data Loss Prevention (DLP)


Sharing controls ensure that only authorized users can share externally


Archiving and eDiscovery capabilities help minimize risk and cost of litigation & audits