Manufacturing IT Services

The IT challenges faced by manufacturers today can have a profound impact on strategic initiatives. The way you use technology affects your ability to achieve key business objectives, from improving your position among the global competition, to regional expansion, to new business models, and beyond. Aside from that, Manufacturing companies also have additional technology requirements necessary to keep their plants running around the clock, even during harsh or unforeseen circumstances.

IT Services for the Manufacturing Industry

Realnets offer unparalleled technical support for busy manufacturers in all of these areas and more. We understand that most manufacturers have very small, though skilled, IT professionals running and maintaining the technology that keeps their businesses going. But, this limited resource means that should one member of your team be temporarily unavailable, their absence can have a ripple effect that jeopardizes the technological health of your organization.

Likewise, if you were to experience a major technological malfunction that requires more hands on deck, you could be looking at a huge data compromise. It is for these reasons and so many more that our Realnets manufacturing IT team is here to help. We will ensure that compromising ripples, system hiccups, and security threats aren’t left to wreak havoc on your bottom line or your overall business objectives.

Beyond encountering common disruptions, it’s also helpful to have a reliable resource to turn to for extra help on things like special projects. From installing to upgrading new systems and software platforms, sometimes the workload and field of expertise is more than your team can handle on their own. Fortunately, that’s where we come in. Our services enable:

  • Flexibility in operations
  • Support during transformational initiatives
  • Sound technological investments for reliable computing in any manufacturing facility

Seasoned and Reliable Manufacturing IT Services

At Realnets, we understand and support the networking needs of organizations just like yours, both local and far-reaching. Our technical consultants have years of experience and gained invaluable expertise in the manufacturing industry. We will apply our vast knowledge to help protect your business and work to resolve any issues that may arise quickly and thoroughly in order to ensure that your system continues to run smoothly and with as little down time as possible.


While regulatory and compliance issues must be addressed, your primary focus should remain on the production process. Leave the rest to us. We are committed to making sure that your business remains in compliance at all times, from production to consumer safety.


When it comes to security, you don’t want your business exposed to cyber threats that could compromise sensitive, confidential information and materials, such as intellectual property. Manufacturers must keep information shared with trusted partners and suppliers separate and secure so as not to damage collaboration and business relationships. Realnets’ manufacturing IT services will keep your business data information safe and secure.

A Helping Hand

Realnets manufacturing IT services provide an extension for your existing IT department. We are your solution for times when you’re faced with wearisome internal system installations and upgrades. We are your solution for times when you need to augment your staff or provide overflow support. Whatever your IT need, our technical consultants will work side-by-side with your in-house team. From large-scale installations and upgrade projects to smaller IT tasks like providing technical support to vendors, customers and staff, we’re here to handle a variety of tasks for you.