MAX Backup

Max Backup is one of the latest acquisitions by Solarwinds and has been the long time favorite of Realnets. We are as authorized reseller of the solution and can provide a full MSP solution for managed backups. The backup solution is cloud based.

While we work with a number of cloud based backup solutions this one has some neat features that really make a cost effective solution to many of our client’s backup needs.   Here is a feature run thru:



Delta Recovery Move less data by only recovering the corrupted portion (deltas at block level), often less than 1% of the dataset
Offsite & Onsite Recovery Recover from the fastest location possible with Local Speed Vault™
Standby Image™ Combining all the benefits of a granular, file-level backup with a full and quickly recoverable local VM image.
File Level
Entire Database
Physical to Physcial (P2P)
Virtual to Virtual (V2V)
Disaster Recovery
Virtual Disaster Recovery™ (VDR)
Bare Metal Recovery™ (BMR)
Automatic Restore Don’t wait until a failure happens. With Automatic Restore you are keeping a Virtual Machine constantly updated and on cold standby.
Cloud Recovery Targets™ Amazon Web Service (AWS) EC2 and Microsoft Azure are supported so that users can now specify these new remote cloud targets for recovery, or one of the existing local recovery targets (VMware vSphere, local VMDK or Microsoft Hyper-V).
Recovery in Priority The data selected as important will be recovered first

Security, Privacy & Compliance

Private key encryption The end-user owns the encryption key (HIPAA compliance)
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128-bit / 256-bit / 448 blowfish (HIPAA compliance)
Client-side encryption Encrypt data at the source, and keep it encrypted in transit and on the storage (HIPAA compliance)
Encrypted in-transit (“in-flight”) Data is encrypted before sent over Secured Socket Layer (SSL) connection (HIPAA compliance)
Encrypted in storage (“at-rest”) The data remains encrypted while stored in the datacenter (HIPAA compliance)
Archiving Flexible and easily scheduled; can even set up unlimited archives (HIPAA compliance)
Security Focused Storage Data will be stored in one of our 7 SSAE16 SOC-1 Type II and ISO-certified data centers worldwide. (HIPAA compliance)

Platform & Application Support


MS Exchange®

MS SharePoint®

Windows XP®

Windows Vista® , 7, 8, 8.1

Windows® Server 2003, 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 20112R2



VMware® Changed Block Tracking (CBT)

Cluster Shared Volume (CSV)

Network Shares





Centralized Live Monitoring

Remote Launch Backup Manager Ability to launch the backup manager remotely directly from the management console
Automated Client Discovery After launching the Backup Manager, it will automatically discover and install attached Windows systems from the Management Console
Multi-tenant Manage 10s to 1000s of clients in a secure, tiered structure
Automatic Restore This gives you the ability to automatically restore to physical and virtual machines after backup is completed
Real Time Alerts for Failed Backups
Remote Control
Device Management
Devices Included Unlimited
Retention Configurable, by default 28 days
Versioning Go beyond the retention and keep the last 5 versions
File/Folder Filters
Local Speed Vault™ (Onsite backup & recovery)
Bandwidth Throttling
Automated Status Updates
System State
Network Folders

Wan Optimization

Backup Accelerator™ Backup Accelerator reduces the backup “pre-processing” time through continuous mo- nitoring of changes of large databases, applications and files of 10s to 100s of GBs. Daily backups of these large files and databases are up to 80% faster with MAX Backup.
De-duplication Conserve bandwidth and save space by preventing double storage of data
Advanced Bandwidth Throttling Setup time, priority, max used bandwidth
Automatic Re-connect
True Delta Technologies

Service Provider Benefits

One Answer for all Customers Support all OS’s, Windows Applications, Oracle, MySQL, Virtual Environment, offsite and onsite locations with one solution. All managed via a real-time low-touch centralized management console.
Real-Time & Low-Touch Centralized Management Reduce your time spent on managing your backups by 90%. Monitor, discover, deploy and manage your customers remotely. Scale from a few servers to thousands without additional staff.
Multi-Tenant Management
Real-Time Failed Backup Alerts
Offer Full Recovery testing
Pay per Use model
Free White-label branding
Backup-as-a-Service hosted by MAX Backup
Backup-as-a-Service hosted by Service Provider
Free automated updates

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