Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Platform & Services

Your Trusted Microsoft Azure Partners

Realnets is your trusted, experienced Microsoft Azure partner. It is our goal to help optimize your business in the cloud through the latest and most reliable IT and business solutions.

Through our Microsoft partnership, your business can test and deploy cloud software that makes system maintenance easily manageable. Azure marketplaces offer a vast catalog of consulting services, thousands of products, and end-to-end solutions that include certified, open-source and community software apps, as well as data and add-ons.

Finding the right app for your business has never been easier. Our partnership can help you find industry focused, line-of-business and productivity apps for Azure, as well as Office 365, Dynamics 365, Power Apps, and Power BI. All of these tools and resources mean that you can get solutions specifically tailored to your industry that already work with your current products in use.

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Connect with Microsoft Azure

When you choose an Azure solution partner, your business will be able to extend its platform in a variety of ways. These expert managed services will help you achieve your digital transformation goals with minimal disruption to your ongoing operations.

Through Microsoft Azure and with our help, you can accelerate your business, and reach millions of customers through their partner ecosystem, global sales, and go-to market resources. The many advantages are invaluable to your business, as you’ll benefit from the following when you build your business on Azure:

  • Open Source-Friendly – With Microsoft’s open-source software tools and technologies, you’re working with systems that you already know and rely on.
  • Modern Experiences – Microsoft Azure delivers modern experiences that differentiate your business with adaptable solutions designed for all scenarios, including on-premise, cloud, and hybrid.
  • Sales Force – You can sell through the Microsoft ecosystem. Through their sales ecosystem, your business can list in their marketplaces, collaborate with other cloud partners, and close deals with their sales force.
  • Market Services – Microsoft’s globally recognized brand and go-to market services allow your business to increase its visibility and exposure through new opportunities and channels, all with the help of their expert team.

Through the Marketplace, you will find Azure building blocks and software solutions, including solution templates, virtual machine images, and services exclusively available through our Microsoft partnership. Our access to the Marketplace means that you have the resources to meet all of your software needs.

Everything is certified and optimized to run on Azure. From open source container platforms, to blockchain, to detecting security threats, we can help you find and tailor the apps and solutions you want and need to keep your business running at optimum levels. It’s a one stop shop to outfit your system with quick and reliable end-to-end solutions.

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