Microsoft Partner

The Total Package

Chances are, you’ve been using Microsoft products your whole life. We have. For most businesses Microsoft represents a major piece of their technology profile. One of the reasons Microsoft has been so successful is they do a bulk of their sales though partners. Unlike some vendors in the space they realize that small and mid-size companies can’t effectively interface with one of the worlds largest companies without out help. Realnets is proud to be a Microsoft CSP Silver Partner.

We can provide you the full array of Microsoft products. As a CSP partner we have the capacity to extend special pricing that other channels cannot. Realnets provides access directly to Microsoft support via our partner support contract (also a rarity). Finally we manage all your license costs via a monthly billing system and dashboard that makes adding resources super easy day or night.

Office 365

The basics: Office 365 (O365) is pretty simple. Microsoft has offered a mail server (Exchange) and a productivity suite (Microsoft Office (Word/Excel/Outlook) for close to two decades. In 2011 O365 was launched. You no longer needed to buy a server and install/manage the Exchange software. You could pay per month, per user for the service via Microsoft’s cloud. In addition Microsoft started to allow customers to pay monthly for their productivity suite. This eliminated large capital expense from PC deploys. Customers are able to run a highly capable email solution and receive the option of the supporting software starting at $8 per user per month.

Productivity solutions by Microsoft are vast and available in countless forms. We pride ourselves on knowing the landscape. It’s a complicated set of options. You can buy Microsoft Office suite via 50 different skus and price points. You can mix and match existing and new software licensing. You can apply 3rd party scanning and archiving solutions (Realnets resells Barracuda, Veeam and Edgewave backup/spam/archival solutions). The options are limitless, we can help.

You undoubtedly have questions, whether you’re an existing customer, new to the O365 world or converting off a old POP3 hosting company… Do I qualify for non-profit pricing? Can I mix E3 and Business licenses? How do I leverage my existing paper licenses? How do I migrate? What does my archival look like? What’s copy hold? I’m attempting to retire all my end of life software, do I need to upgrade all my Outlook clients? It goes on and on.

Realnets wants to hear your story. We know, with it we can paint a vision for your relationship with Microsoft that brings more support and value than without us

Safeguard Your Business

It’s not your files. It’s not your email. It’s not your reputation. It’s your business.

These things a vital to your ability to function. It wasn’t always so. Many of us haven’t realized the reliance has changed as the years have gone. Certainly it’s pretty difficult to keep up with ever growing threats. The Microsoft cloud is amongst the most secure platforms the world has seen and their terms of service is among the strongest in the business. The fact is though you enter in to a relationship with Microsoft on the basis of a shared responsibly. You have to meet them halfway.

What does that mean? Realnets directs you on product security and marketplace redundancy and archival options based on your business’s needs. Microsoft know every client has a baseline of requirements. It’s your job with our guidance to fill in the blanks.

Microsoft Azure

It’s the cloud. It’s Microsoft’s cloud… Chances are you might have a Microsoft Server in your office. Let’s see if it makes sense to move that out of the office. Sometimes your needs are best served onsite. Sometimes the combination of services can be very powerful.

We often get asked for support getting Single Sign-On working (SSO). Using your local server, replicated to the Azure cloud allows you to use Azure’s Federated Active directory services. This is a powerful use case.

We can provide you access to a Microsoft assessment ($2000 value) for free with any consolation that results in a onboarding.


Microsoft Devices – Featuring X360

As a Microsoft partner we get excusive access to devices with the Windows platform. This HP unit is on sale. Inquire today, the deal won’t last long!

Support Resources

We assume you know what your doing, to the extent one has time to investigate a operating system or productivity software. If you’re like most people, that’s a pretty impractical expectation.

But often we just need a little help.

Realnets offers a few tiers of support. Linked here are frequently asked questions about Windows 10. We have resources like this so when you need a little support on something at a late hour it’s there. Beyond the small issues like account information, passwords and billing, Realnets relies on its premium support contract with Microsoft. We will take your call, verify the issue and have Microsoft’s support team call you back within 2 to 4 hours. If you need immediate support Realnets can provide it at a increased price.