Cloud Monitoring with Realnets

At Realnets, our pre-built integrations and dashboards make it easy to ingest and visualize performance data from every corner of your multi-cloud estate, whichever path you choose.

We serve clients on Amazon, Azure, Rack Space, Google, and more. Our goal is to be your partner in supporting in-house environments, co-locations spaces, and hybrid solutions.

Realnets is a SaaS-based metrics cloud monitoring and analytics platform with a massive scale that is suited to meet the standards of your enterprise. Our platform allows you to query, visualize, create smart alerts over data across your entire stack, from custom app metrics, to business KPIs, to network, and infrastructure.

Our collaborative team can help you get instant insights to efficiently troubleshoot and fix any application or operational issues that may arise.

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Correlating Application to Service Platform

We provide seamless, unified microservices monitoring with containers, VMs, and cloud services. You will be able to dashboard everything, and isolate irregularities for instant insight into root causes.

The Realnets query engine is lightning-fast so that you can hone in on inconsistent trends, automatically, and get answers to questions like, “Which clusters are showing abnormal behavior?”

Through our service platform and monitoring, you’ll no longer be left scratching your head, wasting valuable time and money trying to figure out what’s going on. Now, you’ll be able to locate and fix software bugs virtually instantly. You can even track your cloud resource usage.

Monitoring and Migration Help is Here

Realnets has provided assistance, project management, project engineering, deployment and full migration services to environments of all sizes. From our smallest client migrations of modest, two-person office environments working with only simple email to Microsoft or Google’s productivity suites, to larger migrations that include the movement of full stack web server environments that often involve moving from local, on-site servers to cloud environments, Realnets has the personnel, expertise, technology and expansive platform to handle all of your monitoring service needs.

Working with an outside cloud monitoring services consultancy, like Realnets, can bring many benefits to the table, benefits that often extend beyond the project of simply moving your services off self-owned hardware for overall improved success.

Environments like AWS RDS or Google Firebase bring functionality that you simply cannot provide in-house. Leveraging these solutions and our expertise can save thousands of man hours and enable scaling that otherwise wouldn’t be possible without investing tens of thousands of dollars.

Realnets cloud monitoring services protect your investment, giving you quick insights and an unparalleled query language to better explore and understand your data. After all, you rely on this data and metrics to make impactful decisions to protect not just your company but your clientele.

The decision to invest in cloud monitoring services through Realnets is essentially a no-brainer. It’s one of the best things you can do to protect your data assets, and we know it will soon become an indispensable part of your day-to-day operations.

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