Non-Profit IT Services

Nonprofit organizations have an important mission to fulfill, but like any modern entity, you still need a strategic IT partner to help you focus on what really matters. Save your team from wasting time and energy IT initiatives – leave that to the experts here at Realnets.

At Realnets, we have the experience and resources needed to support nonprofits in whatever their mission may be. We understand that every organization is on a different path and requires its own unique set of technology needs.

We will work with you to meet and exceed all of those needs providing your team with industry-leading non-profit IT consulting, IT management, and IT support services.

As your partner, we’ll work with your organization to fully understand your mission so that together we can address your IT shortcomings, strategize, and implement modern services to ensure your organization achieves its goals.

Scalable IT Services to Suit Any Budget

Crafting the right IT solution for your budget is just as important to us as it is to you. We understand that efficient budgeting is vital to the survival of any nonprofit organization. That’s why we offer tiered engagement options designed to meet a variety of needs.

Our experts are well-acquainted with the proposal process and budget cycle. We make it our mission to ensure that every hard-earned cent is accounted for and allocated through the right channels, providing thorough documentation along the way. This meticulous record keeping process will ensure that you’re able to provide accurate, key information to your stakeholders, as well as in presentations and proposals.

With our help, you can better determine what technical discounts and grants your organization qualifies for that fit within your nonprofit’s business IT services.

Non-Profit IT Services

We use IT assessments to analyze your non-profit IT department infrastructure. The Realnets nonprofit IT consulting services team works with your organization to find ways to optimize your current IT infrastructure so that we can create a clear roadmap of how to improve your IT environment. It is our job to make sure that your systems and organization are up and running at full capacity at all times so that you can achieve your goals.

IT Security for Nonprofits

For a non-profit, protecting your member and donor data is vital. All of your contacts, memberships, and donors are the very foundation of your organization, and as such, need to be protected. Realnets non-profit IT services ensure that all of your important data is secure and all compliance requirements are met. We’ll work to protect your valuable assets from cyber attacks and threats, and together we’ll determine the best way to improve your current security measures.

Realnets Gives You the Competitive Edge

The non-profit landscape, by nature, is highly competitive. Keeping your edge and remaining recognizable is of the utmost importance for your organization’s, and your mission’s, survival. Having Realnets as a strategic partner on your side to enhance your non-profit IT services can help you stand out among the crowd.

Our team will help you gain insight into how technology can help your organization continue to grow. Whether you’re looking to create a custom web portal for donors, an app or other collaboration tools to help your volunteers succeed, Realnets is here to support your mission and keep you connected.