How to Choose the Right G Suite Edition for Your Company

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No matter your business’ needs, Google offers a G Suite edition that will help you better manage your day-to-day operations.  From Basic to Teams, each edition expands your administrative capabilities through Google’s collective tools beyond its traditional applications like Google Docs, Slides, Keep, and Sheets.  With G Suite, businesses have access to an Admin console that allows for easy management and creation of accounts and settings that are vital to your organization.

G Suite is an essential element that helps streamline daily operations.  It’s just a matter of choosing the edition that best fits your company’s needs, as there are several editions.  Let’s take a closer look at each specific offering and how your business can benefit:

  • G Suite Basic or Business – Through the three main editions of G Suite, Basic, Business, and Enterprise, organizations can use their core email service, calendar, and office collaboration solutions (though domains must be verified and several domain name records will need to be modified).  The main difference between Basic and Business, aside from search and compliance capabilities, is storage. The Basic edition limits storage to 30 GB per user. Business, on the other hand, allows for unlimited storage, making it the ideal solution for most organizations and ventures.  With the Business edition, add ons include Google Vault, a tool with invaluable data and archiving capabilities appropriate for policy and legal compliance management. You also have access to Cloud Search which works both on the web and with any mobile app.
  • G Suite Enterprise – G Suite Enterprise is designed to provide advanced functionality for larger organizations.  This edition can easily handle enterprise-grade meetings, data loss protection, security key management, and more.  It even has a tool called Hangouts Meet, an application that allows 30 people to participate in sessions that can be recorded and stored to Google Drive.    
  • G Suite for Teams – For businesses operating within collaborative teams, G Suite for Teams is your solution.  This edition works seamlessly alongside an already expanded calendar and email solution. It is ideal for individual teams within an organization that are looking to enhance their shared experience beyond simply emailing files back and forth.  Through this system, groups can use apps like Docs, Drive, Sheets and Slides without the hassle of running into roadblocks where domain ownership must be verified.

The G Suite system allows for ultimate task management freedom within your own organization.  And, you can even assign different licenses to users based on individual or team needs. So, while one department may have a need only for the Business edition, and another unit may require the solutions of the Enterprise edition, you can have multiple editions operating under one roof.  In fact, most organizations assign a mix of licenses to users according to position and need.

G Suite offers organizations solutions to all of their varied needs.  And, that is why we are proud to be a Google for Work Partner. When you work with Realnets, your organization has the benefit of our partnership and expertise on how to choose and implement the right solution for your company.  While you won’t know how to set up these solutions on your own, we do, and we know all of the questions to ask that have nothing to do with Google’s G Suite that won’t even occur to you. We take into account your organization’s compliance, scaling, and security needs so that together we can determine how to successfully implement the Google family solutions for your business, putting collaborative capabilities into the hands of the people in your organization.  

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