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Does your blog need more exposure?  Do you know how to ensure content exposure?  When it comes to marketing your blog, there are several options you can explore.  One of those options is to repurpose blog content through various web platforms.

When you republish blog content on sites like social media platforms, the good news is that you get to protect your original content’s search rank.  But, this sort of repurposing can actually be a confusing task for even the most seasoned content creators. For instance, it can bring up questions and concerns like, will publishing blog posts on other platforms negatively impact your website’s SEO?  Also, can this happen when someone else asks to syndicate a post on their site? Then, you have to consider guest blogging – if you wrote it, can you not also feature it on your blog as well?

While there are many valid questions and concerns, there are also many wonderful, clear benefits to repurposing content.  One of the most obvious benefits is simply that your content has a better chance of being found when it appears in multiple places, as this means that your business can also be found through multiple avenues.  The more places your content is published, the more powerful the drive of traffic back to your website will be.

The key to successfully repurposing blog content lies in just a few simple steps that you can take to ensure that your business gets as much value from your blog as possible while protecting your SEO standing.  So, let’s take a closer look at a few ways you can start boosting your content, today:

  • Medium – You can repurpose blog posts on a publishing site called Medium.  It’s fast, easy, and most importantly, provides you with a way to repurpose your own content while potentially reaching thousands of new readers.  This site also uses “canonical tagging” when it republishes content to protect your SEO. This is essentially a line of code that marks posts as republished or “duplicate,” and will therefore identify the post on your blog as the original content, thus preserving SEO.  Just don’t forget to add links to your website.
  • LinkedIn – Repurposing your blog content on LinkedIn is another avenue to reach new readers to grow your online presence.  Like Medium, it allows you to provide several backlinks to your blog within your post to help drive traffic back to its intended origin.
  • Syndication – Syndicating your blog is a great option for increased exposure.  Syndication just means that your content is republished by another website.  This is a great opportunity to drive traffic, as your content will appear on multiple popular sites, giving your brand and reputation a significant boost.  You will need to take a little time to find syndication opportunities, though. One easy strategy is to do an Internet search for the phrase “originally appeared on.”  This will lead you to sites that accept and actively seek syndicated submissions.
  • Guest Blogging – Another option, which may seem counter-intuitive at first glance, is to become a guest blogger, and write for other like-blogs.  This is different from syndication, as it’s an opportunity to write original content for an entirely different blog or website. This is a worthwhile option to explore because like content syndication, guest blogging provides access to a large audience.  It’s a chance to seek out a shared target audience, and get out in front of readers who would also be interested in your content offerings. And, the good news here is that it’s fairly easy to find blogs that accept guest posts. Simply seek out those that you already follow or are interested in, and give your pitch.  Just don’t forget to seek out those that will allow you to include those backlinks to your website and blog when published, as well as those that will allow you to republish guest posts to your own blog.

As the production of blog content takes so much time and effort, it only makes sense that you get as much mileage out of them as possible.  So, consider repurposing your content through social media platforms, syndicating to popular websites, and seeking out opportunities to guest post.  All of these strategies will increase your audience reach and visibility so that you’ll see significant increases in traffic to your website.

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