Penetration Testing

Is Your Business at Risk?

The best way to eliminate your IT security vulnerabilities is to think like the cyber criminals that are most likely to exploit them. That’s what the Realnets security experts can do for you. We’ll simulate hypothetical real-world situations that pose a threat to your network, server, applications, devices, business operations, and team.

In any industry, unauthorized access to company resources and consumer data is a major issue that can’t be ignored. This is especially true in certain compliance-driven industries, such as finance, healthcare, and legal services. You can never be too careful where your company’s digital assets and confidential information are concerned.

In addition to the risk of cyber attack, pen tests can be used to evaluate company adherence to compliance standards, your internal team’s security awareness, and the effectiveness of your corporate IT security policies.

Get a realistic evaluation of the flaws in your cyber security protocols and what you can do to correct them. Contact a member of the Realnets team today to learn about pen testing and other IT security services.

Comprehensive Penetration Testing Methodology

External Penetration Testing
External pen tests are performed from the perspective of an outside attacker with the goal of gaining unauthorized access to valuable digital assets and extracting confidential data.

Internal Penetration Testing
Internal pen tests are performed from the perspective of malicious inside personnel. The goal is to evaluate the risk posed by insiders behind your firewall, which is a special concern for companies with high turnover or who have fallen victim to phishing schemes.

Oftentimes, test procedures will include both internal and external testing methods, which require a blend of remote and on-premises work by our security team. Testing can be performed blind, double-blind, or as a targeted mutual effort – a decision that will be made by our experts based on a number of factors, including your specific concerns and risk appetite.

Detailed, Easy-to-Understand Reporting

Once testing is complete, the Realnets security experts will compile a detailed report outlining any systemic problems with a special focus on high-priority, high-risk findings. We’ll explain our testing methodology and the outcomes of each phase of testing, along with our recommendations for remediation.

If your business requires penetration testing for compliance concerns or has recently fallen victim to some form of cyber attack, ask how we can help you better understand your IT security vulnerabilities and options for remediation.

This is an excellent step toward the ironclad security protocol that your organization needs, and it all starts with a security consultation with a member or our team. Contact us today at 773.631.6851.