Physical Plant

Onsite services

Every business has IT infrastructure in some form. Even the most aggressive cloud strategy requires in most cases routers, firewalls, WiFi and structured cabling. Realnets provides lower level onsite services in the Chicagoland area directly.

Our network of 3rd party service partners gives us the ability to engineer installations and execute projects remotely around the world. Larger, more complex projects can and have driven us to travel to job sites. Examples of such situations include manufacturing plant installation of new laser cutting systems from Seattle to Boston and 1200 user migrations in Dongwong, China.


Structured Cabling/Low Voltage

We consult and project manage cabling assessments, repairs, and installations. From 20 ports to 5000 ports we will engineer solutions, project manage them and test them to delivery. Office environments, laboratories,  medical environments, warehouses and data centers are common spaces we focus on.  Ladder racking, color mapping, 2 and 4 post rack selection, patch panels, fiber types and testing are all areas we can support you in. Probably the most common need is for someone to come in and untangle a mess 10 to 20 years in the making, document everything and to act as a ongoing management resources when adding connections.

  • Eliminate expense by keeping the scope right sized
  • Leverage Fiber-optic and wireless technologies to eliminate overuse of costly copper runs
  • Future proof the plan. Running two lines today is usually 1/10 of the cost of added a second tomorrow
  • Ensure color selection, wire path, and associate code requirements are correct from the start

Network Infrastructure

Realnets, installs, replaces, maintains and repairs switches, power UPS’s / PDU’s, modems and routers in all kinds of environments.  Often we have replacement parts/solutions on hand for emergency situations. We offer supplemental staffing for migration projects and or fully managed teams to achieve your needs.

  • Building takeover/ownership changes
  • Office/data center moves
  • End of life equipment replacement
  • Enclosures and equipment security needs
  • Fan, power supply, and controller failure repair

Server / Workstation Compute and Storage

Server rack setups including “racking and stacking” and SAN / NAS solution setups are common projects for Realnets. We have worked with many standard documentation solutions, can setup lights out management (iLo) and will deploy PDU systems / manage loads. Inquire with us about a specific project so that we can discuss the variety of deployment strategy that can be leveraged. Dell, IBM and HP are solutions we work with most and are the fastest when it comes to volume situations.

  • Custom Server builds
  • New equipment sales
  • DR / Standby equipment options
  • Hardware burn in and testing
  • Secure systems transport
  • Systems upgrade
  • Workstation replacement / repair
  • Workstation relocation



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