Realnets is a proud partner of Polycom, a global communications company whose mission is to power authentic human connection and collaboration. This innovative company goes beyond face to face, working through millions of verbal and non-verbal cues to derive meaning that can be translated into modern technical advancements. They find new ways to introduce these cues into audio and video communication that can ultimately replicate face to face interactions and experiences.


Why Polycom?

We have chosen to partner with Polycom because they connect people, not things, by developing technologies and strategies that create calm amidst chaos. From trains, to offices, and every space in between, Polycom has the tools to help make your business’ connections more productive. Together, we can help you turn even the noisiest of shared spaces into havens for concentration. We can deliver boardroom quality conferencing in huddle room spaces, even make larger rooms feel more inclusive.

Our joint mission is to help bridge the gap between platforms and bring productivity wherever you are. Polycom products and services are hugely beneficial, as they can operate across multiple conferencing ecosystems. This means that you can join a meeting with a single click, and concentrate on ideas in the air rather than on distracting devices in the room. No matter where you are, we’re working to blur the lines between home and office by making it easier for everyone on your team to share, hear, and see information in-real time, anytime.

We understand that any business is about more than just increasing the bottom line; it’s about assessing human behavior, making connections, and collaborating in effort to achieve some shared goal. Together, our teams will help you achieve that by introducing these Polycom solutions that respond to human behavior and learn on the go.

Products and Services

Polycom offers clients an expansive array of products and service categories to choose from when designing optimal systems for your business. They include:

  • Voice
    • Conference Phones
    • VoIP Desk Phones
    • VoIP Adapters
    • Installed Audio
    • Microsoft Solutions
    • Voice Accessories
  • Video
    • Mobile/Personal
    • Room
    • Immersive Telepresence
    • Collaboration Infrastructure
    • Microsoft Solutions
    • Video Peripherals
  • Content
    • Screen Sharing
  • Innovations
    • Voice
    • Video
    • Content
  • Services
    • Consult
    • Deployment
    • Customer Support
    • Optimization
    • Managed Services
    • Cloud Services
  • Training
    • Services
    • Support & Training

The Realnets Partnership

Realnets is committed to working with Polycom to deliver our customers the most comprehensive set of unified communications solutions. Our shared goal is to meet the needs of customers in specific market segments and offer solutions that leverage and protect your existing IT investments.

We are the team you know and trust, and we will ensure Polycom solutions are interoperable with the industry’s most popular business tools and most common unified communications environments. We will make it easy for your team to communicate face to face using the applications and devices they already use every day.