My Food Record

About This Project

MyFoodRecord has been helping individuals better understand their diet since 1989. The website was created by students, for students, using Perl, Microsoft SQL and HTML.

In 2014, we took over MyFoodRecord to redesign and update the entire site from the ground up. We utilized the might and power of Symfony2 and PHP, added a more robust database, improved the efficiency and accuracy of the calculations, and made dramatic improvements to the user experience. Improved security and newly available features really bring out what MyFoodRecord can offer not just to students, but everyone worldwide.


  • Improved User Experience
  • Full use of Dynamic Tables
  • Improved incorporation of Advertising

The website and identity was in need of redesign to include a more mobile-friendly layout as well as improved browser compatibility. Time was also taken to review and update data, as well as improve on how the website stored and managed data.

PHP, Symfony 2, Doctrine, Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ajax, jQuery, Adsense, Google AdWrods

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