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Technology business services are so important to your daily operation today… Reacting to failure is almost always more expensive than a proactive approach. Security failures, unavailable backups and inability to respond to business opportunities due to downtime often have incalculable costs including potential catastrophic failure of the entire business. This is why we spend so much time aligning our technology to support your initiatives. Building a program that relies on 24x7x365 network monitoring coupled with an aggressive preventative maintenance component ensures optimum up-time for your business.

One of the major challenges in maintaining a computer network is trying to predict what will fail and when. With our Down to Business Services solution, we can prevent many network failures from ever happening. By combining regular and comprehensive preventative maintenance and robust real-time monitoring of your critical network and desktop devices, we ensure the reliability and stability of your IT assets.

This solution is so effective that our customers see almost immediate results. A regularly maintained network means fewer failures, yielding higher productivity and savings on support costs for you. At the same time, your exposure to security risks is dramatically lessened, and frustration from unstable IT resources almost vanishes. We allow our customers to focus on their core business functions by taking the worry out of owning a computer network.

Do these issues plague your business?

Wasted Time?

Do your staff productivity levels drop dramatically during IT outages, interruptions, or inefficiencies?

Security Fears?

Worried that vulnerable servers, laptops or PCs may be putting your organization or company data at risk?

Lost Data?

What would be the impact of a hardware failure or if a laptop was stolen and critical business data was lost?

Untimely Network Failures?

Not knowing what will fail and when, and then having to wait for a technician to arrive?

Regulatory Pressures?

Do you have to demonstrate compliance or provide audit data?

Fully Monitored Systems

We monitor to ensure it has the latest virus protection and will act immediately if there is an issue.

“Their work was great. The general feedback is that Realnets went above and beyond, helping us when we were in a pinch.”

— Head of Research Lab at Research University

Program Advantages:

Secure Network

We can ensure patches and antivirus updates for your PCs have been installed, prevent spam from reaching your network reducing the likelihood of your network being compromised.

Protected Business Information

Data backup services provide peace-of-mind knowing all critical business and customer data can be quickly restored.

Spend More Time Working

We can be your networking watchdog, enabling you to focus on your core business activities instead of managing a network or its problems.

Be Compliance Ready

Ensure that all of your Regulatory Compliance Reports are in place and avoid the huge audit fees and fines.

Proactive Monitoring

Charged on a per device basis


  • Performance Monitoring
    (disk space/CPU/memory etc)
  • Hardware Monitoring
    (drive failures/fans/power supplies/raid status etc)
  • License & Asset Reporting
  • Anti-Virus Monitoring
  • Backup Monitoring

Network Devices

  • Router monitoring
    (Internet connection issues/software version/traffic usage/hardware failures)
  • Switch monitoring
    (software version/traffic usage/hardware failures)
  • Firewall monitoring
    (Internet connection issues/software version)

Workstations and Endpoints

  • Remote Management Dashboard
  • Advanced Performance Monitoring
  • Scheduled Preventative Maintenance
  • License & Asset Reporting
  • Anti-Virus Monitoring
  • Backup Monitoring

Billable Services:

All services beyond monitoring and notifications, rates are applied according to our current rate pricing sheet and are subject to change throughout the contract period.

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