Modern businesses rely on cloud computing services to deliver content and applications to users in a fast and reliable manner. Through Realnets cloud migration and monitoring services, our environments provide a secure, lightning-fast solution to keep clients satisfied with access to all of the tools and systems necessary to increase productivity and so much more.

The proof is in our success and wide pool of resources. Below, you will find some of the companies we have partnered with and offer support for.

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365

For most businesses, Microsoft represents a major piece of their technology profile, and Realnets is proud to be a Microsoft CSP Silver Partner. Through our partnership, we’re able to provide you the full array of Microsoft products including Office 365 (O365). O365 eliminates the need to buy a server, as well as the need to install and manage the Exchange software (the mail server).

Productivity solutions by Microsoft are vast and available in countless forms. We pride ourselves on knowing the landscape, as it’s a complicated set of options. But, options are limitless, and Realnets can help guide you.

G Suite


Through our partnership, your G Suite set up will be seamless, because we know all of the right questions that are necessary to get the solutions you want from Google. Google for Business, or G-Suite, is a powerful solution that is more than just emails, spreadsheets, and documents. G-Suite is a single, integrated work space backed by SOC3 compliant Google infrastructure. It will run your business information systems, email and office productivity applications.

The G-Suite solution removes the need to build servers, deploy and maintain software. They’ll take care of all of your needs. The migration to Google’s cloud solution will eliminate VPN’s, as well as access issues with the office and devices that don’t share the same information. Users can access information and work on their PC, laptop, tablet and cell phones anywhere, anytime. This allows everyone on your team to work together on the same information, in real-time, while ensuring your irreplaceable data is safe and automatically backed up to the Google cloud.



Realnets has developed the engineering know-how to size up your needs and get your project moving. And, when it comes to business IT equipment, we take the approach, build it right, build it once, build it to last. After all, in our business, downtime usually exceeds the cost of the product during its life time.

We know that you can’t simply hit the ground running when you’re making major decisions about IT infrastructure. You need a process and a partner. HP is an engineering company that has lead the way in many of the technologies we use today. That’s why Realnets has been using their workstations, printers, switches, and servers since we started in 1998.

One of the benefits of working with Realnets is that our clients get continuity of services through a vast offering of skill sets and partnerships. We keep everything, from structured wiring to cloud services, under one roof for maximum productivity. And, HP enables us to bring a family of products that range from supplies to carrier grade switching and enterprise compute solutions to our clients.



Adobe’s Document Cloud Partner Program provides users access to tools and resources for companies to build, test, and deliver integrations with Adobe Document Cloud solutions. Users have access to resources for developers, marketers, and salespeople all with the goal of ensuring that you get the most out of their solutions. Their products are leading the way in digital document technology, making them a trusted industry leader known for helping companies digitally transform their business – a goal that we, here at Realnets, share.