Signs of a Google Algorithm Update

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There has been a lot of chatter lately within the SEO community that’s pointing towards an upcoming Google Algorithm update.  The information circulating so far suggests the update mainly targets UK-based queries, but, SERP trackers are also showing notable fluctuation worldwide.  This means that an update will indeed eventually make the rounds, affecting efforts right here in our own backyard.

The earliest reports indicate that this latest update has affected a wide-ranging number of sectors across the UK, including health, finance, law, and government, all major players that require high levels of expertise.  Fortunately, fluctuation in these key sectors within the U.S. hasn’t been quite as bad. Though, we are seeing such industries as food and beverage, and jobs and education taking a bit of a heavier hit than usual. This could be a direct result and sign of the possible update, as the trickle-down moves from zone to zone.  

So far, there has been no official announcement of the search update, nor has it been confirmed by Google.  But, what remains clear within the industry is that changes are on the horizon. And, when these updates finally do start to hit home, there are several actions you can take to ensure that you maintain your search rank.       

How to Keep Ranking in Google in 2019

What exactly happens when Google updates its algorithm?  Well, each time an update is made, it means that it’s time to reevaluate and perhaps restructure your SEO strategy, depending on the impact of the change and how prepared you are for change.  But, most of the time, algorithm updates just serve to further Google’s main recommendations, just as the search engine has been doing for years.

So, while no one can say what updates may be to come, you can take appropriate proactive measures throughout the year to make sure your strategy doesn’t take a hard hit.  Here are some tips that will carry your efforts throughout the year:

  • Update for Mobile – Marketers know that a website must be optimized for mobile use these days.  There’s just no more getting around that fact. So, improve your site’s SEO to give mobile as much priority as it demands.  If you haven’t already made the switch, it’s time to look into a responsive website, and don’t forget to conduct thorough testing to make sure everything works exactly as designed.
  • Check Load Speed – We all know how impatient people are these days, so check your site’s load speed.  Anything that takes more than a couple of seconds to load will automatically turn away users.  So, take the necessary steps now to speed things up, and don’t forget to test load speeds on different devices.  
  • Conduct Research – Update or no update, you can’t optimize for SEO if you don’t first know what your audience is interested in.  After all, it’s about more than ranking; it’s about showing up in the right queries.  So, look to your own analytics.  Inbound marketing is always going to be about knowing the audience you’re trying to reach, identifying keywords, competitors, etc.  And, having this information readily available at all times will help guide your strategy as you move forward.  
  • Focus on Content – Creating high-quality content is always going to serve you well and why SEO remains one of the driving forces behind content marketing.  So, take the time, and dedicate the resources to creating high-quality content that’s specifically targeted to your audience’s wants and needs.  
  • Focus on Writing – When creating content, you should always write for the human eye first, but you should also be strategic.  Past algorithm updates have been in direct response to creator’s attempts to game the system. This happened as people put algorithms before humans when it came to not only content creation but web design.  So, one of the surest ways to avoid getting left in the dust with any future algorithm update is to focus on creating for the audience first. Of course, you should still pay attention to SEO trends for a strategic approach, but don’t let it overtake the whole point of what you’re there to do.  

While no one can say for sure what the future holds, you can prepare by learning from your own past performance as well as how it was affected by past algorithm updates.  Use the tips above to help take the necessary proactive measures to fortify your strategy now, so that when change does come down the line, you’re prepared to confidently move forward and protect your rank.  


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