Realnets has worked with many different storage solutions and restored services in many different downtime situations.  The complexity in the selection of a solution is something you should seek a partner in. The storage speed, redundancy and ability to scale are difficult specifications to create. The capacity to expand your storage fabric into the cloud is another capability that should be considered.

Deployment of multi-site solutions or expatiation of existing environments is a common project space for us. We also can provide disaster recovery housing and transportation.


A example of recent project: Realnets was asked to provide data recovery from a 3rd party for a fortune 100 company. We specified what type of Synology NAS would need to be built for the transfer of the data in question. Our personnel went onsite to the data center housing the data in question. We provided a vendor for secure transport of the data back to a secure location. At which point we setup the NAS on network and partnered with in-house resources to get the data on to company SAN’s.

  • NAS – Implementation & repair – HP Lefthand and Storage Works / Synology / Dell
  • SAN – Implementation & repair – HP Storage Works / Dell / NetApp
  • Storage recovery – Raid 0 / Raid 5 / Raid 10 / Raid 6 – Standalone
  • Storage fabric expansion in to HP PAR3 / AWS S3 / Realnets Synology

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