Network Attach Storage (NAS) descended on the market place in the mid-1990’s and became very popular. The options exploded and today there are dozens of hardware vendors to choose from. In small and large business alike these boxes allow for the cheap centralization of large volumes of files. At Realnets we have supported almost every imaginable brand and one thing always dominates our focus. Data redundancy. What make the NAS device so powerful, makes it equally as dangerous. The lost of large volumes of data becomes a real threat.

Synology has become a solution Realnets works with more and more every year. They’re A to Z solution selection and the deep feature sets are attractive for many organizations. The continued support and frequent software updates make the platform quite stable.

Realnets has it’s own array of Enterprise Grade Synology devices and a massive pool of storage. This enables us to provide data migration and restoration services. We also offer offsite replication site services.

Offered consulting and cloud services:

  • Solution specification and design
  • Implementation of new solutions
  • Advanced Networking – VLAN / Multi-link / 10G configurations
  • Advanced attachments – XEN / VMare / Hyper-V
  • Upgrade and unit migration
  • Remediation and restoration
  • Shared Synology / Cloud based offsite services
  • Co-location – Synology Data Center Housing

Note: Synology does not provide a certification or accreditation program. We consider Synology a partner in that we utilize their product in many of our projects. Realnets has extensive experience with many of the products Synology sells and software it connects to. 

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