TrippLite has been providing outstanding product reliability and exceptional service for over 95 years. They manufacture over 4,000 products to power and connect the computers, networking equipment and electronic devices that come together to form the foundation of our connected, modern, tech-driven world.

Whether for small businesses or large corporations, or something in between, they offer a solution that is right for your organization.


Our team helps bring TrippLite technology to your business by pairing you with the go-to source for all of your power and connectivity needs. Just as Realnets commits to all of our customers, TrippLite has a proven history of reliability, bringing you exceptional service and competitive pricing every step of the way.

No matter your business needs, Realnets will work with you to outfit your enterprise with the best possible technology solutions that will ensure you’re not only able to meet your day-to-day operation needs, but exceed your overall business objectives and expand your reach.

TrippLite Technology

Realnets brings Tripp Lite technology to your business by helping you assess your wants and needs according to your specific business objectives and goals. TrippLite’s solutions are designed for applications in the home, SOHO, SMB, Data Center, Enterprise, Government, Medical, Audio/Video and more. They are ISO 9001 certified and manufacture a variety of product categories, including power, cables and connectivity, networking, racks and cooling, and mounts, cards and desks.

Within these technology categories, some TrippLite products and systems include:

  • UPS systems
  • UPS replacement batteries
  • Surge protectors
  • Electrical cables and connectors
  • Charging solutions
  • Network cables and adapters
  • Power inverters
  • Network switches
  • Console servers
  • KVM switches
  • Wireless networking
  • Power strips
  • PDUs
  • Racks and rack cooling systems
  • Power management software
  • Laptop accessories
  • Digital signage and audio/video solutions
  • USB, lightning and firewire
  • Shipping cases
  • Cable management
  • Rack accessories
  • TV/Monitor mounts
  • Rolling TV/Monitor carts
  • Sit/Stand desks

Realnets Support

As a TrippLite authorized partner, we are fully committed to helping you outfit your business with the latest technologies to help maintain uptime and ensure you remain a competitive force in your industry so that you can not only grow but thrive.

Both our Realnets support technicians and the TrippLite support team are on hand to provide exceptional support and deliver a hassle-free customer experience to each and every customer.

Whether large or small, TrippLite is always standing by to answer your questions and provide support through their online portal as well as by phone. As a certified TrippLite partner, our team can also help provide assistance. Together, we will work to ensure that your business has all of the necessary building blocks to succeed.