The virtualization solutions offered by Realnets can be a boon to the overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your organization’s IT infrastructure. Whether you are searching for a way to reduce your server footprint or bring your business up to date on current technology, in general, this is an excellent choice in most cases.

Choosing which solution is right for your needs can be a challenge, however, and there are many important factors to consider as you undergo that process. Our experts take the guesswork out of virtualization, ensuring that you get the most out of your IT budget and other resources.

In most cases, cost and budgetary constraints are the major deciding factor for businesses that are weighing the various virtualization options that are available to them. Secondary considerations, of course, include performance, support and DR planning.

At Realnets, we are intimately familiar with all market-leading virtualization platforms, including:

  • VMWare
  • Hyper-V
  • KVM
  • Citrix-Xen / XenServer

The level of support you receive from the Realnets team depends largely upon your business objectives and your current IT resources. In any case, you can rely on our experts to provide the end-to-end virtualization services needed to make the most out of your company’s IT systems.

Consulting and Design

When you’re planning your company’s virtual environment, it is absolutely imperative that you work with experts who will take your technical needs into careful consideration. Our team will assess your current systems and work with you to develop a solution that includes the best hypervisor choice for your business objectives, the appropriate storage solution, and security – all within your budgetary and scheduling constraints.


A properly-deployed solution will ensure your business enjoys a stable, scalable networking environment for years to come. That’s where we come in. Our experts will install and configure your virtual environment with careful consideration for the critical factors that mean the most to your organization. We have the experience and expertise necessary to deploy the server, network, desktop, application and storage solutions that will meet your growing needs for faster, more efficient IT systems.


Realnets offers fully-managed virtual solutions that deliver around-the-clock peace mind via 24/7 network server monitoring and control. For you, that means having minimal IT failure, optimal network performance, and the ultimate reliability.

  • OS and 3rd Party Patch Management (requires N-Able w/ 3rd party patch)
  • Host tuning/server optimization
  • Off-hour Scheduled Preventive Maintenance (OS Patching/Server hardware only)
  • License and Asset Management
  • Management of anti-virus solution (requires N-Able or Sophos anti-virus)
  • Management of backups (requires MAX Backup, Veem or Synology)
  • Management of standard audit requirements

Get In Touch

At Realnets, we are proud to provide comprehensive IT services to businesses of all sizes, including those operating in the most heavily-regulated industries. We serve businesses across the United States and internationally, and our virtualization expertise is just a fraction of that.

To learn more about the wide range of services offered by Realnets, contact us today at 773-631-6851.